Maintenance tips for notebooks.

2514867612.jpg1.Notebook cases.Notebooks should be kept in their cases when not in use.This protects the laptop in case it’s dropped or pressure is applied to it from an external source. 

2.Air vents.Most notebooks have air vents and internal fans.These help the notebooks to keep cool.When using the laptop,take care not to obstruct the vents in any way.Also try to use the laptop on a hard,flat surface.Sort surfaces such as beds can obstruct the air vents and cause the laptop to overheat.If u’re using a handled/sling-type laptop case,remove the laptop from the case before use.The padding  in the bag may also obstruct air flow. 

3.Heat ang magnetic sources.Keep the laptop away from strong magnetic sources(TV set,powerful speakers,etc. )A strong magnetic source can corrupt the hard disk and render the laptop unusable. 

2235814837.jpg4.Water,dirt and cleaning.Try not to eat or drink near the notebook.Spilled water or food may damage it.Some notebook have removable keycaps.If yours is such a notebook,the  keycaps can be removed and debris under them wiped. 

5.Laptop screen can be cleaned with a soft,dry,lint-free cloth.The keyboard can be cleaned using a cloth moistened with a little mild detergent.It is not advisable to wet the cloth.Cover the tip of the index finger with the cloth.Dip the tip of it into the mild detergent solution and use to clean the keys.This is to prevent any detergent residue getting under the keyboard.Ensure that the notebook is powered off and the AC adapter plug removed from the power point before attempting any cleaning.


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Fitri Nurul 'Ain Nordin - Anak kelahiran kota KL pada 1 Syawal 1405h/20 Jun 1985 - Berasal dari Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan - BA of Arabic, Uni Al-Azhar(2008), MA of Arabic As A Second Langunge, IIUM Gombak (Jun,2011)
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