The summer vacation

This is the most precious moment that everybody waiting for. We had completed our examination and everybody making their own planning about visiting places and doing something good for society. I would like to share with you some of my friends’ plan on how they spend their valuable summer.
*Azie,my junior in SASIC, first year IT student in one of University in US, is now joining an Islamic study programme in Ireland, UK. Suddenly I feel how lucky we are because in EGYPT, there is a lot of opportunity to learn Islamic studies compare than in Ireland! Egypt is the heaven of Islamic knowledge. There’s a lot of masyaikh here! What a waste if we don’t grab this golden opportunity to increase our Islamic knowledge here in Egypt. I just thought that it is better for her to choose Egypt as her option.
*Sara, fourth year medical student in Moscow will having her medical practical in Temerloh Hospital. Wow! This is what we call charity programme. I think most of medical student has the same plan for this summer right?! Owh! I almost forgotten to tell, she is also from SASIC.
*Midah, who currently undertaking third year of Islamic course in Al-Azhar university plans to be an ustazah at one of surau in her village. This is what I heard from her telephone conversation with her uncle. She wants to teach the elderly villagers about basic Islamic legislation by using a specific book. She is also encourages me to do so. But I’m not confident enough. My Islamic knowledge, especially in Islamic legislation is still in basic or intermediate level, since I’m taking Arabic course (hehehs excuses!!). What a shame :P. But I prefer to teach tafsir if I have the opportunity to do so at my resident park area my house. But I don’t know how the environment in my new place looks like. Nilai Impian seems like a new small city. I’ve never been there before because my families just moved out several months ago while I was here in Egypt. Fuh! I’m so anxiety about that.
But the most important is, how I’m going to spend my vacation in Malaysia? I had a very long list about what to do. I’ve named it MSP’07(My summer project 2007). But I think this page is not enough for me to write them all. Heh! So, it’s going to be a secret laa..hehe. However, of course all of us must have our own planning, right?! If we accomplished our planning, this summer will be the GREATEST HOLIDAY in our entire life. Believe it!


About fit3nan

Fitri Nurul 'Ain Nordin - Anak kelahiran kota KL pada 1 Syawal 1405h/20 Jun 1985 - Berasal dari Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan - BA of Arabic, Uni Al-Azhar(2008), MA of Arabic As A Second Langunge, IIUM Gombak (Jun,2011)
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