BrEaKiNg ThE iCe

Alhamdulillah.Nampaknya keenam2 artikel perancang saya dalam bIsMiLlAh telah dilunaskan selama 3 hari. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! So, I’m not going to be a failure. I hope to write something in English even I haven’t speak this ligua franca that much, almost 4 years! Wow! What an ashamed for me. So I think my writing skill is going to be bad. Perhaps it is because, in Al-Azhar, we only learn English similar to level of Standard Four(in Malaysian secondary school).Moreover, we be taught using Arabic instead of English. Our lecturer simply translates everything in Arabic! This is because most of Egyptian has difficulty in speaking English. Thus, English is the subject that they failed most and it doesn’t matter to them because they are also reluctant to learn it .For us(foreigner) here, we found English is a simple subject. We just have to memorize the whole paragraph according to the questions given during tutorial class. Isn’t it simple?! It doesn’t require us to do more than that. So I have to word hard to master this language.
While I was chatting with my sister who pursuing her Master degree in Accounting at Victoria University, Australia last 2 months, I feel so embarrassed .She asked me to speak English while chatting! Alhamdulillah..even it was sounds broken, it was a good started to make me familiar with the use of verbs and grammar and knowing when and where to use them. Therefore, I’ve started to train myself to speak English with Armarian Medic students such as Fatin and Syafiqah. However, every Friday we will use Arabic in order to practice sunnah. As said by Hassan Al-Banna “Do speak Arabic. It’s one of the way to heightened prophet’s da’wah”
I still remember target that I had set when I was first arrived in Egypt for my first year of study on 15th Sept 2004;
1)I’ll master in Arabic
2)I’ll master in English
3)I’ll master in leadership
4)I’ll master in IT
5)I’ll memorize at least 1/3 Quran.
Hope all of you guys will do pray for me so I can achieve those goals and become better and better muslimah. I’ve only less than a year to make it real! Oh God! Please, do bless me for what I am about to do and doing…and I will not stop learning and learn and it will starts by ‘breaking the ice’!!.


About fit3nan

Fitri Nurul 'Ain Nordin - Anak kelahiran kota KL pada 1 Syawal 1405h/20 Jun 1985 - Berasal dari Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan - BA of Arabic, Uni Al-Azhar(2008), MA of Arabic As A Second Langunge, IIUM Gombak (Jun,2011)
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3 Responses to BrEaKiNg ThE iCe

  1. abu huzaifah says:


    Awalnya, saya ucapkan “Barakallahu fiik” atas kejayaan dan contoh baik yang telah saudari tunjukkan kepada kami warga azhari di bumi Nil ini.

    Saya sebenarnya cukup tertarik dengan beberapa ulasan saudari berkenaan artikel pendek ni. Ia memberi beberapa tasawur kepada saya tentang peri pentingnya kejelasan hadaf dan matlamat dalam safar ilmu di bawah payungan al-Azhar. Kejayaan saudari membuktikan kemampuan saudari merealisasikan target yang telah dibuat.

    Di sini saya ingin meminta beberapa pandangan saudari tentang kaedah atau berdasarkan pengalaman saudari dalam meningkatkan kemahiran berbahasa Inggeris. Mungkin perkara ini dapat dimanfaatkan oleh warga Azhariyyun khasnya….


  2. sis says:

    Thanks Abu Huzaifah.Pls read my new article.

  3. abu huzaifah says:

    Salam. Saya sudah baca. Jazakumullahu Khairal Jaza’…

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